I was born in Switzerland in a small winemaker town called Fully in the canton of Valais. It’s in these beautiful landscapes surrounded by mountains that I grew up. My mother gave me the passion of life, we traveled around Europe during all my childhood and she always made me discover other cultures, food and languages. 
I think these journeys opened my mind enough to discover the world by myself with all the respect and curiosity my mother gave me. It's certainly because of that I wanted to leave the family’s house really early.
My grandfather was always kind of my mentor, he was the artist of the family, born in Germany during a period of war. He gave me the love of art, a German name and my first camera. He was a fantastic painter and I think he never thought that photography was an art as painting is. Once he told me that photography is only a way to show how the world is. This sentence still echo in my head. That’s true, that’s what I want to show with my pictures.
I started to learn by myself how to use my camera, how to capture a moment from the age of 14 and I’m still learning. As a hobby, when I had free time, I was always outside, taking pictures of a friend, of a forest or a city. 
After the end of my obligatory scholarship, I started an apprenticeship of UX designer in the Swiss national company of telecommunication. I felt really special to be accepted in this company because it was known to be one of the best formation givers in the country. To be honest, the most important things I learned during my studies were adaptation, professionalism and what I don't want to be.
At the age of 19 I left my calm town and the family's house to get closer to my job in Lausanne. My job was full of different things. Marketing, economy, graphisme and web design were my everyday. Quickly, my studies were not enough for my development so I founded my first StartUp in the communication field.
For the first time I used my photography skills to earn money. it was an incredible feeling. 
One year after the creation of my first company, I founded another one in the art field and then another one and another one. Entrepreneurship is my other love, I was amazed by business and the entrepreneurship world. 
I quickly started to do paid photos shooting. But the more I did, the more I was restricted by the client needs. My creativity got down as my pictures needed to stick with the client needs. I stopped doing paid shoot for private persons and got back to the basic desire to produce nice things freely. 
I’m a lot inspired by the work of Sabine Weiss and Vivian Meier who, I think, are ones of the best photographers who ever lived.